30. Erfahrungsaustausch für mittelständische Institute

The 30th EMI is the second face-to-face event in 2023 in the series of events offered jointly with the Bundesverband deutscher Banken (Association of German Banks) entitled "Information offerings and exchanges of experience for medium-sized institutions". 

The Information and Experience Exchange for Medium-Sized Institutions (EMI) is a platform for small and medium-sized member institutions of the BdB to exchange views on various banking supervisory topics and issues, in particular on risk management. 

Through the open dialog, participants benefit from the different experiences of the other institutions and a common understanding of many current topics can be achieved. The EMI also serves as a catalyst for joint projects in which the banks participate in smaller groups. The EMI also identifies areas for action that the banking association can address vis-à-vis policymakers and supervisors.

The event content is currently being planned in a timely manner.
A detailed agenda will be available approximately 6-8 weeks before the event.

Further dates of the event series 2023:

If your institute is already registered for the event series "Information offers and exchange of experiences for medium-sized institutes", you can register for the 30th EMI via the Register for event button or the registration form.

If your institution has not yet registered and is interested in the event series, please email us at info@bankenakademie.de.

Language: Please note, conference language is german.

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