Aktuelle Entwicklungen der Einlagensicherung

The implementation of the requirements of the statutory (EdB) and voluntary deposit insurance (ESF) and the resolution authorities is becoming steadily more complex for credit institutions. This applies not only to the legal and statutory reporting and notification requirements in relation to covered deposits, but also to the implementation of the statutory changes in the institutions resulting from the reform of the ESF.  

The Banking Academy symposium will provide an overview of the underlying, changed regulatory and statutory requirements and also address their implementation in the depository file. There will be an opportunity to discuss legal and practical issues relating to the implementation of these requirements with the experts who have been involved in these topics for years on the part of the Federal Association and the Auditing Association.

The subject of the symposium will also be, in particular, the changes in the voluntary deposit insurance of private banks, which will come into force on January 1, 2023. These include, for example:

  • the introduction of caps on the protection limit
  • the comprehensive reorganization of the group of secured and non-secured depositors, respectively.

Last but not least, an outlook on recent developments and possible future changes in (European) deposit insurance and resolution will also be provided.

The speakers will be Dr. Hilmar Zettler, Dr. Martin Boegl, Dominik Müller-Feyen, Jörg Ortgies, Thomas Lorenz (all from the Association of German Banks), Matthias Schütte (GDB Gesellschaft für Datensicherheit und IT-Beratung) and Bernd Bretschneider (GBB-Rating Gesellschaft für Bonitätsbeurteilung).

The event is aimed at both those employees who are responsible for compliance with regulatory requirements within credit institutions (including compliance) and those who are responsible for technical implementation.

Please note, conference language is German. 


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