Altersteilzeit und Vorruhestand - Gestaltungsoptionen eines vorzeitigen Ausscheidens aus dem Erwerbsleben

The extension of the working life, the demographic change and the possibility of a socially acceptable retirement from working life make early retirement and thus the partial retirement work as well as early retirement to interesting instruments of human resources work.

In addition to the basics for the contractual and practical design of semi-retirement work, the workshop conveys the prerequisites under labor and social security law and the tax implications.

The legal and collective bargaining requirements for the agreement of partial retirement on the employer and employee side are examined and various models of working time distribution (part-time model, block model and mixed forms) are explained.

There are a few particularities to consider when implementing semi-retirement:
The increase in pay and the calculation of the additional pension insurance contributions to be paid often raise questions in practice, so practical examples of the increase regulations and possibilities are explained.

Particularly in the case of the most common form of semi-retirement in the block model, the legal requirements for asset management under SGB IV and the special obligation to provide insolvency insurance under the Part-Retirement Act must be observed.

Further problems can arise in the case of unexpected illnesses during semi-retirement, for which practical solutions are worked out, such as for the reversal of a semi-retirement relationship.

In addition, the prerequisites and possibilities of early retirement models as an alternative to partial retirement are presented and Annex as a possibility of compensating for pension deductions when claiming an early retirement pension are explained.

The online workshop format is designed to encourage active exchange among participants. There is ample time to discuss questions and issues with each topic.

The workshop addresses all practitioners of operational HR work.

Ulf Grimmke, Head of Labor Market and Education Policy at Arbeitgeberverband des privaten Bankgewerbes, will speak for you.

Please note, conference language is german.

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