Anwendungsfragen zum Abzugsteuerentlastungsmodernisierungsgesetz (AbzStEntModG) in der Bankpraxis

The Q&A webinar provides an overview of the German Withholding Tax Relief Modernization Act (AbzStEntModG), which went into effect this summer. Thematic focal points include:

  • Overview of §§ 45b and 45c EStG (electronic tax certification procedure),
  • Changes to § 45a EStG (issuance of tax certificates),
  • First relevant application questions and initial assessments by the tax authorities,
  • Individual questions regarding §§ 45b and 45c EStG,
  • Outlook on the implementation schedule

The event with Dr. Daniel Hoffmann, Director in the Tax Topic Group of the Association of German Banks, Berlin, is based on a video that will be available to participants for preparation from November 10, 2021 and is included in the event price.

The webinar is aimed at employees in the tax departments, regulatory departments and implementation units of credit institutions.

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