Arbeitsrecht aktuell

The year 2021 continues to be dominated by the challenge of the Corona pandemic in HR work as well. Therefore, our annual symposium Arbeitsrecht aktuell will also be held in a virtual format for the first time this year.

The first block of topics is dedicated to the immediate impact of SARS-CoV-2 on labor and social law. In the course of the last few months, a large number of new regulations have been issued, in some cases at very short notice, on the organization of work during the pandemic, some of which have a considerable impact on the employment relationship. Company practice has also changed as a result of new forms of work. Mobile working in the home office is particularly prominent. However, many other new regulations, such as digital works council work and regulations of the Infection Protection Act on quarantine, time off for child care and the new child sickness benefit of the SGB V but also regulations on occupational safety present new tasks for operational practice. The new legal regulations and the first rulings issued in this regard are presented.

The years 2020 and 2021 were and are also characterized by collective bargaining. The current collective wage agreement will expire at the end of June 2021, so we will provide an outlook on the upcoming collective bargaining round and an overview of the current collective bargaining negotiations on the topics of the Company Pension Strengthening Act / Social Partner Model Company Pension, talks on a new collectively agreed remuneration system and the collective bargaining negotiations on a collective training agreement. As early as May 2020, the new collective agreement on short-time working was concluded in the first "wave" of the Corona pandemic, which also includes a provision on topping up compensation payments under the IfSG.

The third complex deals with current legislative projects that are primarily intended to regulate new forms of work. Here, the planned legal regulations on mobile work in the draft "Mobile Work Act" and the planned regulations in works constitution law on new co-determination rights and virtual work options for works councils are presented. Already in 2020, the insolvency protection obligation of company pension commitments in the pension fund implementation path was introduced, which affects our industry to a considerable extent.

At the end of the symposium, as every year, current rulings from labor law will be discussed. The topic of new forms of work picks up on the ruling of the BAG on the possible employee status of crowd workers. The latest rulings on equal pay, the German Pay Transparency Act (Entgelttransparenzgesetz) and the remuneration of part-time employees are also presented. In the area of occupational pensions, the ruling on the employer's obligation to pay for reductions in pension fund commitments is of considerable practical importance. A short overview of the case law on vacation law has almost become a classic of the conference.

The new virtual format of the symposium will also provide ample opportunity for participants to discuss and respond to questions and problems.

The conference is aimed at practitioners in the field of HR work and is held in German. 

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