Basiswissen IT-Grundlagen und ‑Sicherheitsmaßnahmen für Nicht-Informatiker

As digitalization progresses, the focus is increasingly shifting to banking IT. Information security officers, data protection officers and IT managers must work closely together to ensure the security and protection of sensitive information and data in particular. Despite different professional backgrounds, it is important to speak a common "language". After all, the better you understand IT terms, contexts and processes, the better you can communicate with IT experts and the easier it is to assess proposed IT security measures and their impact.

The following intensive seminar provides basic IT knowledge and fundamental IT security measures and is aimed specifically at non-computer scientists in credit institutions:

"Basic knowledge of IT fundamentals and security measures for non-computer scientists" 
on Monday, April 15, 2024, 09:30 to 17:00, online

The experienced speakers will explain IT terms and basics, e.g. on the subject of networks, communication media and protocols. Basic IT security measures in networks / data centers are also presented, from backups and virtualization to user administration. 

Another module is specifically dedicated to the topics of encryption (symmetric and asymmetric methods, key management), signatures, authentication (e.g. multi-factor authentication in accordance with PSD2) and integrity assurance. You will also receive an overview of new technologies and trends (big data, cloud, artificial intelligence, special features of mobile working / home office) and discuss security requirements.

The speakers will be:

Devrim Celik | SRC Security, Research & Consulting GmbH
Florian Schumann | SRC Security, Research & Consulting GmbH

This is an event organized by Bank-Verlag. You can therefore register via the Bank-Verlag website

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