NEW: Das Aufsichtsratsmandat/Der Aufsichtsrat

The obligation of supervisory boards to undergo continuous training is regulated by law for banks and has been included in the German Corporate Governance Code for all other companies for years. The long-standing discussion on the professionalization of Supervisory Board activities has been given new topicality by the Wirecard scandal.

Supervisory boards should therefore (continue to) proactively address the topic of further training, also so that the Chairman of the Supervisory Board is able to provide information on this topic at the Annual General Meeting in 2021, in case shareholders ask questions in this regard or proxy advisors include the topic of further training for supervisory boards (and, if applicable, proof of this) in their guidelines.

The online training course "The Supervisory Board Mandate/The Supervisory Board" offered by the Banking Academy, consisting of three modules, ties in with this. 

The training can be booked both as individual modules and as a complete measure. (When booking via the Internet, please state explicitly in the free text field if you wish to book the entire package at special conditions.)

This is an advanced training event in the sense of § 25d Abs. 4 KWG.

In the three modules, you will receive a comprehensive overview of the complex subject areas of supervisory board work; existing knowledge will be updated and deepened in the core areas of practical supervisory board work (including bank-specific issues). Practical examples are used to provide a comprehensive account of the current state of the discussion.

Module I (14.12.2020) is included:
Part 1: Framework of supervisory board work
Part 2: (Internal) organisation of supervisory board work (also: in times of COVID-19)

The online training courses are led by Dr. Jens Thau, M.C.J. (New York University), Attorney at Law, Specialist in Employment Law, Attorney at Law, New York. He is managing director of the Employers' Association of the Private Banking Industry (Arbeitgeberverband des privaten Bankgewerbes e.V.) and has many years of experience as a member of the supervisory board. He is certified by Deutsche Börse AG as a qualified supervisory board member and as a specialist supervisory board member 'Audit Committee'.

For more information on the process and contents of this module and the other modules based on it, please refer to the agenda (see pdf).

Please note, conference language is German.

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