Der Stabilisierungs- und Restrukturierungsrahmen nach dem StaRUG

The introduction of the StaRUG on January 1, 2021 provides an additional instrument for stabilizing companies in crisis. As the restructuring approach is designed as a debtor-autonomous procedure, the StaRUG may give rise to risks for commercial banks. Debtors can, for example, use a clever plan architecture to persuade financial creditors to waive their claims by means of majority decisions.

The webinar will provide a brief explanation of the legal-theoretical fundamentals. The focus of the webinar, however, will be on the challenges arising from the introduction of the StaRUG for day-to-day credit and restructuring practice. In the course of the event, the overlap or demarcation of the StaRUG from out-of-court and judicial reorganization will be elaborated in particular. In particular, the participants will be informed about the situations in which the StaRUG is likely to be applied to a large extent and which precautionary measures and options for exerting influence are available to financial institutions.

Speakers are Uwe Köstens (Managing Partner) and RA Nils Heidelk (Director), enomyc GmbH. The event will be moderated by Dr. Andreas von Oppen, Associate Director in the Legal Affairs Group of the Association of German Banks (Bundesverband deutscher Banken e.V.).

The free webinar is aimed in particular at division and department managers and employees from the areas of restructuring, workout, intensive care, back office and corporate finance.

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