Deutsche Rahmenvertragsdokumentation kompakt - Überblick über aktuelle Entwicklungen und Praxisaustausch

The online workshop will provide an overview of current innovations in contract documentation for German framework agreements and will also offer the opportunity for an exchange of practice among market participants. Among others, the following projects and topics will be addressed:

  • Brief overview of documentation development:
    • Current status of projects to expand and modernize documentation for interest rate products (RFR successor regulations and planned regulations for RFR-based interest rate derivatives).
    • New master agreements for securities loans and repurchase agreements
    • New annex for emission rights
    • Proposed wording for an annex for RUB foreign exchange transactions
    • IM collateral documentation (pending adjustments)
    • Planned new master agreement
  • BaFin and ECB requirements for netting notification
  • General exchange of practice

Practitioners from the relevant working groups will lead through the documentation and discussions. 

The online workshop is primarily aimed at employees of institutions, companies and other market participants who are involved in contract documentation for financial transactions.

Please note, workshop language is German. 

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