Implementierung des Hinweisgeberschutzgesetzes

In its last session before Christmas, the German Bundestag passed the Whistleblower Protection Act, which transposes the corresponding EU directive into German law. Following the final consultation of the Bundesrat in February 2023 and the subsequent promulgation, banks have only three months for implementation.

Whistleblower systems are basically nothing new for banks. Corresponding processes must already be in place for selected areas of law. However, the law - in addition to previously non-existent protective provisions for whistleblowers - will significantly expand the scope of the systems and, in particular, make relatively strict form and process requirements mandatory.

The webinar will provide an overview of the legal regulations and, in particular, the workflow required to process a notice. In addition, implementation strategies will be discussed.

The webinar will be led by Markus Becker-Melching, Chief Operating Officer of the Banking Association until August 2022.

The event is aimed at all executives, compliance and HR managers.

Language: Please note, conference language is German.

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