Integrierte Banksteuerung

The intensive webinar, which lasts several days, provides a comprehensive and detailed introduction - including interactive case studies and exercises - to contribution margin accounting, taking into account all relevant earnings components of a banking transaction.

The main focus is on the market interest rate method with all its facets in periodic and net present value analysis to determine the interest contribution of individual transactions.

The calculation of credit risk costs, pro-rata operating costs and equity capital costs are included in the sales result.

The aggregation of the individual transactions and the integration of the other earnings components result in the aggregated bank result and an explanation of its value-based management.

The aim of the intensive webinar is to provide participants with a deeper understanding of the management implications in daily practice, in addition to the methodology for decision-oriented derivation of the sales and overall bank result.

The extensive content is taught in two implementation blocks separated by time.

Topic block I         6th and 7th September, 2021

Topic block II        4th and 5th Oktober, 2021

Speaker: Klaus Leusmann (zeb, Münster)

Please note, webinar language is German.

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