With the introduction of so-called liquidity management tools into the German Investment Code in Q1 2020, German capital management companies will be able to introduce and use these tools in their daily practice. The introduction and use of these tools has an impact on the entire value chain - from the capital management company to the depositaries and custodians to the customer. Redemption restrictions (gating) pose particular challenges.

In order to facilitate the smooth introduction and use of redemption restrictions in the German market, the German banking industry, together with the German Association of the Fund Industry (BVI), has drawn up guidelines for the implementation of redemption restrictions. The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) was involved in the work. WM Datenservice, the data service provider required for implementation, promised that the technical prerequisites would be in place by the beginning of January 2022. Banks must therefore expect the introduction of redemption restrictions by German capital management companies from the new year.

In the webinar, the banking association (I) gives an overview of the liquidity management tools currently available, (II) presents the guidance developed and (III) gives an outlook on the introduction of further liquidity management tools.

The speaker will be Dr. Robert Piwowarski (Association of German Banks).

The event is primarily aimed at sales staff, employees of the legal departments and WpHG compliance.

Please note, webinar language is German.

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