Maßnahmen gegen den Vorfälligkeitsentschädigungs-Joker

For almost a decade, credit institutions were confronted with the so-called "revocation joker."

Under the new law, a borrower can repay a consumer real estate loan in full or in part at any time if he or she can prove a legitimate interest. Although the credit institution then has a claim to early repayment compensation, this is excluded if the mandatory contractual information on this is insufficient or formulated in an unclear or incomprehensible manner. Do borrowers therefore now actually have an "early repayment compensation joker"?

Numerous lawsuits currently being filed aim to have the defendant institution ordered to repay the loan. Plaintiffs are making the same argument in opposition to the borrower's claim for nonpayment compensation. 

How can affected institutions deal with the issue appropriately? What strategy should be chosen? What challenges need to be overcome? What practical experience should be taken into account?

Answers to these questions will be developed during this webinar.

Lectured by: Dr. Ulf Heppekausen, CLOUTH & PARTNER

The event is aimed at employees from the legal department and risk management.

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