Menschenrechtliche Sorgfaltspflicht für Kreditinstitute

For a future-oriented financial sector, sustainability is a key issue. In addition to climate change, the social dimension is increasingly becoming the focus of legislators, supervisory authorities and credit institutions. The BaFin Code of Practice and the Guidelines on Lending and Supervision of the European Banking Authority (EBA) already address social aspects, including the topic of human rights due diligence for credit institutions.

The Due Diligence Act (Sorgfaltspflichtengesetz) is currently shining a spotlight on the human rights responsibilities of credit institutions. Under certain conditions, the law can have a binding effect on the banking industry, which is why institutions should address the underlying principles and approaches at an early stage.

This webinar provides (1) an overview of regulatory initiatives related to human rights due diligence, (2) insight into the implementation of due diligence by credit institutions, (3) an introduction to underlying principles of human rights due diligence, (4) an excursus into the impact assessment of the Due Diligence Act, and (5) practical guidance for further engagement with the topic.

The speakers are:

  • Michael Fischer, JonesDay
  • Ann-Ulrike Henning, Association of German Banks
  • Madeleine Koalick and Gwendolyn Remmert, Sustainable Links
  • Frank Sibert, BNP Paribas

The event is aimed at employees from sales, the sustainability department, risk management and the legal department.

In order to make the webinar as practical and results-oriented as possible, we ask participants to send us questions in advance.

Please note, webinar language is German. 

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