Nach der Bundestagswahl - Was kommt auf die deutschen Banken zu?

In just over three weeks, on September 26, a new Bundestag will be elected in Germany. Whichever government constellation emerges after the election campaign, which is now coming to a head, the last 18 months have clearly shown the challenges facing the new federal government:

  • How does it succeed in achieving a lasting economic recovery?
  • How will Germany catch up in terms of digitization?
  • What are the future prospects for Europe?
  • What framework conditions can be expected for the transformation to a sustainable economy?
  • How will banks be regulated?
  • What tax policy can be expected?
  • How will retirement provision be reformed?

In cooperation with zeb, one of the leading management consultancies for financial services in Europe, we want to analyze the election results in a free think tank, outline the agenda for the coming months and describe the possible lines of compromise of the potential coalition partners on the most important issues from a banking perspective.

The speakers will be Markus Becker-Melching, Chief Operation Officer of the Association of German Banks, and Heinz-Gerd Stickling, Partner at zeb.

Please note, event language is German.

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