The focus of the workshop, which lasts several days, is the systematic management process consisting of inventorying, measuring and controlling risks in order to optimize their return (target function) and to ensure their viability in their entirety (mandatory constraint).

A particular challenge is that risks, defined as uncertainties in the future with the potential to cause damage, cannot be clearly predicted or measured.

For this reason, risk models work with the simplified assumption that the past is an indicator of the future. However, recent crises in particular (financial market crisis, sovereign debt crisis, COVID pandemic with global lockdown) as well as a dynamic development of the risk universe (cyber risk, ESG risks, cultural risks) have shown that extreme events that are crucial for risk-bearing capacity are not captured in this way. New ways of capturing and managing the fragility of a business model are therefore required.

The aim of the intensive workshop is to give participants an in-depth insight into the classic and new methods of risk analysis for financial risks as well as the non-financial risks, which are gaining strongly in importance.

The extensive content is taught in two implementation blocks separated by time.

Topic block I          25th and 26th Oktober, 2021

Topic block II         22nd and 23rd November, 2021

Speaker: Klaus Leusmann (zeb, Münster)

If circumstances do not allow for a face-to-face event, the organizer reserves the right to offer the event in the form of a webinar.

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