Schadensbegrenzung bei Aufsichtsrechtsverstößen – Glaubwürdiges Agieren gegenüber der Aufsicht

Due to the scope and detail of regulatory requirements, every bank today is exposed to the risk of committing a legal violation, even unknowingly. The consequences can be serious: In addition to claims for damages under civil law from customers or business partners, there is also the threat of sensitive measures by supervisory authorities. In recent years, BaFin in particular has been reacting earlier, more frequently and with greater severity, and in some cases with greater publicity. In addition to fines, there were and are also personal measures against responsible persons as well as against business operations.

Smart and proactive crisis management can reduce the risks and reputational damage for banks and other financial service providers. The webinar will use examples to raise awareness of potential risks and highlight possible solutions for crisis situations in the context of legal violations.

The webinar will be led by Dr. Oliver Wagner, partner at Commentum political communication and Nikolai Lenarz, lawyer and partner, CLOUTH & PARTNER.

The event is aimed in particular at business managers, management staffs and heads of legal, compliance and regulatory affairs departments.

Language: Please note, conference language is German.

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