Today Banks face considerable demands, especially when it comes to the timely and precise implementation of projects of all kinds. In addition, they have to cope with internal and external audits, which creates additional pressure. To successfully overcome these challenges, all stakeholders must work together efficiently and provide the necessary resources and decisions. In practice, however, this is often not the case. If there is a breakdown in stakeholder communication, support is often lacking and decisions are postponed, deliveries are not made or opinions and attitudes change. 

In our interactive and practice-oriented seminar “Stakeholder Communication”, you will learn how to implement targeted and effective communication with the right stakeholders that is at the service of the respective project. 

Through a combination of theory and practice, we will teach you the following skills: 

- Identifying and prioritizing key stakeholders
- Setting communication goals for these stakeholders
- Understanding stakeholder needs and responding accordingly
- Applying modern presentation and storytelling techniques
- Communicate persuasively to win over stakeholders in the long term

You will immediately feel the effects of effective stakeholder communication in the bank. And not only in the current project portfolio, but also in all internal bank processes that rely on the efficient interaction of different perspectives.

Your speaker in this seminar is Dr. Stefan Götz, Director at the Association of German Banks and coach and trainer for communication, storytelling and self-confidence.

Language: Please note, workshop language is German.


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