Sustainable Finance - Fokus ESG-Risiken

ESG risks are one of the central topics in the sustainability debate. The expectations of BaFin and the ECB are on the table. But does that answer all the questions? Where do the banks stand in terms of implementation? What does good practice look like? What can smaller banks learn from larger ones and vice versa?

That is the focus of another Banking Academy webinar on ESG risks. Our speakers for this webinar are close to supervision and politics and know the practice in the individual houses.

We will first present the current legal and regulatory developments in sustainable finance and classify the topic of ESG risks in this context.

In the first half of the year, banks under ECB supervision were required to assess their implementation status as part of a self-assessment exercise and to draw up implementation plans for any gaps. The insights gained from this exercise and a look at lived practice on topics such as risk inventory, ICAAP, stress testing or risk reporting form the middle part of the event.

And finally, we look at key points of an ESG scoring and its pitfalls and challenges.

At the end of the event there will be enough time for your questions and comments and joint discussion.

The webinar is aimed in particular at business managers, risk management staff and those responsible for the topic of sustainability.

Please note, webinar langauge is German.

Speakers are:

Torsten Jäger (Director and Head of Sustainability, Association of German Banks)

Regulatorische Entwicklungen in diesem Umfeld (ca. 45 Minuten)

  • Wer setzt die Regeln: institutionelle Einordung
  • Sustainable Finance-Agenda der EU und deren Legislativpakete
  • Regulatorische Initiativen in Säule II und Säule III

Markus Quick (Partner, Financial Services, KPMG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft AG)

Blick auf Europa - wie EZB, EBA und Co. den Druck auf das ESG-Risikomanagement erhöhen (ca. 45 Minuten)

  • Überblick EZB Maturity Asssessment
  • Reifegrad und Marktentwicklungen
  • Ausblick

Dieter Lienland (Senior Manager, Certified Public Accountant, PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft)

ESG Scores - Nachhaltigkeitsrisiken aggregiert sichtbar machen (ca. 30 Minuten)

  • Anforderungen und Anwendungsgebiete
  • Marktüberblick und Entwicklungsansätze 
  • Datenanforderungen

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