Wertpapier Backoffice

The exchange of experience "Securities Backoffice", for many years the exchange and information specialist event for the securities officers of private banks, will this year present and discuss in detail the following topics from banking practice:

Experts from the Financial Markets Division of the Association of German Banks will provide an overview of current developments in securities law; including information on.

EMIR REFIT, CSDR, electronic securities, ARUG II and the German Withholding Tax Relief Modernization Act (AbzStEntModG).

The following presentations and discussion will focus on implementation and settlement issues. Experts from Clearstream and M.M.Warburg & CO will discuss the topic of CSDR Settlement Discipline - Settlement Fails Penalties.

A special content focus of this event will be on the current developments and initiatives of the digital securities business presented by an expert from BNP Paribas. What are the approaches? Where do the market participants stand?
The topic will be given more concrete form in the contribution on tokenized securities in practice, presented by Bitbond. The company issued the first German bond in the blockchain in March 2019.

This is followed by an insight into the experience of audits under MaDepot from the perspective of the auditing firm EY.

The program will be rounded off with remarks on WM Group's EDDy_neu project and its current status.

Detailed information can be found in the agenda.

Please note, conference language is German.

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