Together with its cooperation partners, the Banking Academy offers a comprehensive range of executive education and training opportunities for the private financial industry covering all topical issues.

Association of German Banks (Bundesverband deutscher Banken)

As the voice of the private financial sector, the Association of German Banks (BdB) coordinates, shapes and represents the interests of the private banking industry. It acts as a mediator between the private banks, policymakers and administrators, consumers and businesses.

The latest BdB information on banking law, banking business and banking development processes is incorporated into Bankenakademie training activities and initiatives. The common goal is to provide support to BdB members in particular, but also to other banks or industry service providers, in implementing legal requirements and addressing issues relating to banking law, banking practice and banking policy.
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In the area of education and training, the Bank-Verlag and the Banking Academy present joint events and a complementary range of e-learning products, webinars and conferences. 

Founded in 1961, Bank-Verlag is the private banks’ IT and service provider. Customers receive support on all aspects of IT security, electronic banking and cashless payments as well as solutions for implementing regulatory requirements.
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Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

Since summer 2019, the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and the Banking Academy have been supporting each other in developing and staging events. The Frankfurt School, founded in 1957 as "Bankakademie e.V.", is a private, state-recognised business university. It offers studies and training in the fields of finance and management and operates regional education and research centres.

The aim is to jointly offer a growing range of courses that provide background knowledge and trendsetting impetus for new ways of thinking and acting.
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Employers' Association of the Private Banking Industry (Arbeitgeberverband des privaten Bankgewerbes e.V.)

The Banking Academy has been cooperating for many years with the Employers' Association of the Private Banking Industry when it comes to communicating labour law, social insurance and personnel-specific issues.

The Employers' Association represents the socio-political interests of the private banks and building societies throughout Germany. It comprises around 120 members (big banks, regional banks, mortgage banks, specialist banks, private bankers and building societies) with 150,000 employees.
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