Catalogue of retention periods

Here you can order our catalogue of retention periods for a nominal fee of 99,00 Euro plus VAT.

The legal basis for retention periods is derived from commercial, tax, civil and supervisory law (also in the broader sense, e.g. MaRisk). In the catalogue of retention periods, the resulting retention obligations for credit institutions are documented in detail according to documents requiring retention, their terms and forms.

In addition to the legally prescribed retention periods, the "customary banking practices" in the banking industry for retention (in some cases significantly longer periods) are also depicted. Particularly valuable in the catalogue of retention periods are the detailed references to the respective legal bases of the retention periods.

Increasingly, storage obligations and periods are also based on European legal bases. Insofar as these are relevant for an institute based in Germany, they have also been included in this document.

The catalogue of retention periods was last revised and updated in 2018 by the former Vereinigung für Bankbetriebsorganisation (vbo), the nucleus of the Banking Academy.