Think Tank: Commercial Money Bank Token

The emergence of commercial DLT-based ecosystems is a catalyst for the evolution of new industrial business models. Simultaneously, the automation of business operations requires completely synchronized and self-governing payment flows. Current on-chain available forms of money, such as stablecoins, do not adequately fulfill corporate clients’ needs.

Commercial Bank Money Token (CBMT) may bridge this gap, retains the characteristics of commercial bank money (CBM) but is available on-chain. As an on-chain form of money, it can be integrated into new, DLT-based ecosystems and meet the operational needs of the digital industry such as smart contract useDelivery versus Payment (DvP), and high-precision payments. With segments of the payment scheme represented as a smart contract, customers can execute parts of the transaction themselves, rendering CBM more “cash-like”. This allows for smooth integration into DLT-based industrial supply chains.

This video documents the event which took place on April 30h, 2024 and was offered in cooperation with the German Banking Industry. Representatives of the industrial companies and banks involved in the CBMT concept present a "proof of concept" to demonstrate the basic technical feasibility of the CBMT concept and highlight its potential. The speakers demonstrate how fungible multi bank tokenised deposits could be implemented on three diverse technical platforms.

Speakers are: 

  • Maximilian Baum | Deutsche Bank AG 
  • Kashani Ghafari | Siemens Treasury GmbH 
  • Claus George | DZ BANK AG 
  • Andreas Joest | Evonik Digital GmbH 
  • Maximilian Maischein | DZ BANK AG
  • Roberto Pagliari | Commerzbank AG 
  • Oliver Pieper | BASF SE
  • Manfred Richels | UniCredit Bank GmbH
  • Tobias Tenner | Association of German Banks e. V. 
  • Liv Tschee-Wegert | DZ BANK AG 
  • Simon Zieglgruber | Association of German Banks e. V.

The video is of interest for employees from the areas of payment transactions, corporate clients, cash management and digital assets/currencies.

If you have any questions on the topic or questions you would like to address to industrial companies and banks involved in the CBMT concept, please send them to:

You can find the video via the following link: Think Tank: Commercial Bank Money Token


Aktuelle Entwicklungen rund um den Digitalen Euro

In July 2021, the European Central Bank (ECB) decided to launch a digital euro project. In the run-up to the Governing Council's decision, the German banking industry (DK) had already taken a comprehensive look at the opportunities and functionalities of digital money and submitted a joint paper proposing how - beyond the digital euro - an ecosystem of innovative forms of money can be created and further developed. 

Digital money offers new cooperation solutions for private and corporate customers as well as for interbank customers, which will be presented and discussed at the conference.

The following contents are discussed in the videos:

  • Introduction to Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology.
  • Practical use of digital money in industry and banking sector
  • Digital central bank money for the end consumer (retail CBDC)
  • Blockchain-based capital market business
  • Digital central bank money in interbank business (wholesale CBDC).
  • Linking blockchain-based business processes with conventional payment processes (trigger solution)
  • Giro money token

Speakers include Alexander Bechtel (Deutsche Bank), Heinz-Günter Lux (Evonik Industries), Sebastian Kraft and Andreas Biewald (Commerzbank), Dr. Heike Winter and Dr. Martin Diehl (Bundesbank), Maximilian Forster (Cash on Ledger Technologies), Manfred Richels (UniCredit Bank), and Friederika Boehme, Miye Kohlhase and Albrecht Wallraf from the Association of German Banks.

The videos are moderated by Tobias Tenner (Association of German Banks).

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