Webinar: Artificial Intelligence

20 August 2020

Artificial intelligence is one of the most exciting developments in digitization. Often a discussion begins with the question of what exactly is artificial intelligence and then gets caught up in many, divergent terms, solutions or technical subtleties. In our view, artificial intelligence can be used for two aspects, among others. 

Optimization of business processes or increase in efficiency 
Strategic planning, i.e. looking into the future under the assumption of certain framework parameters
For the latter aspect, strategic planning, the challenge is for example that too much information is available to find a suitable starting point for planning.

The Banking Association, together with Deloitte, held a webinar in July 2020. This took up the aspect of strategic planning and showed how information is distilled from around 60,000 databases to find a starting point. 

Participate from the content and questions to: Using artificial intelligence for strategic questions, using the example of "Effects of Covid 19 on commercial real estate loans". You can order the complete recording free of charge. Please send an e-mail to info@bankenakademie.de.