Think Tank: Commercial Bank Money Token

The webinar took place on April 30th, 2024. 

This event was offered in cooperation with the German Banking Industry. Representatives of the industrial companies and banks involved in the CBMT concept presented a "proof of concept" to demonstrate the basic technical feasibility of the CBMT concept and highlight its potential. 

Among the speakers were: Maximilian Baum | Deutsche Bank AG, Kashani Ghafari | Siemens Treasury GmbH, Claus George | DZ BANK AG, Andreas Joest | Evonik Digital GmbH, Maximilian Maischein | DZ BANK AG, Roberto Pagliari | Commerzbank AG , Oliver Pieper | BASF SE, Manfred Richels | UniCredit Bank GmbH, Tobias Tenner | Association of German Banks e. V., Liv Tschee-Wegert | DZ BANK AG, Simon Zieglgruber | Association of German Banks e. V.

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