Banken und Werbung: ESG, UWG und Werbung für “grüne“ Finanzprodukte

The practice-oriented webinar deals with the legal framework for advertising sustainable or "green" financial products in the area of conflict between the new regulatory requirements on the one hand and the requirements of European and German unfair competition law when advertising "green" or sustainable products on the other.

The focus will be on the framework conditions of fair trading law and the associated practical legal aspects. The webinar is therefore primarily aimed at employees responsible for advertising and product sales at institutions (fund companies, insurance companies and banks) (including employees in legal departments).

The webinar covers the following elements:

  • Brief overview of the European regulatory framework
  • In-depth overview of the fair trading law framework for the advertising of financial products, taking into account current case law and with an outlook on new European requirements
  • Practical exchange on general fairness law issues relating to advertising by banks

The speakers will be: Julian Wernicke and Dr. Andreas Dustmann (Boehmert & Boehmert Rechtsanwälte und Patentanwälte), Jan-Teja Kraft and Lambert Köhling (both Bundesverband deutscher Banken e. V.) and Susanne Klas (Deutsche Bank).

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