Think Tank: Commercial Bank Money Token

The emergence of commercial DLT-based ecosystems is a catalyst for the evolution of new industrial business models. Simultaneously, the automation of business operations requires completely synchronized and self-governing payment flows. Current on-chain available forms of money, such as stablecoins, do not adequately fulfill corporate clients’ needs.

Commercial Bank Money Token (CBMT) may bridge this gap, retains the characteristics of commercial bank money (CBM) but is available on-chain. As an on-chain form of money, it can be integrated into new, DLT-based ecosystems and meet the operational needs of the digital industry such as smart contract use, Delivery versus Payment (DvP), and high-precision payments. With segments of the payment scheme represented as a smart contract, customers can execute parts of the transaction themselves, rendering CBM more “cash-like”. This allows for smooth integration into DLT-based industrial supply chains.

This event is being offered in cooperation with the German Banking Industry. Representatives of the industrial companies and banks involved in the CBMT concept will present a "proof of concept" in a webinar (free of charge) to demonstrate the basic technical feasibility of the CBMT concept and highlight its potential. Therefore, we will demonstrate live how fungible multi bank tokenised deposits could be implemented on three diverse technical platforms.

The event is aimed at employees from the areas of payment transactions, corporate clients, cash management and digital assets/currencies.

The event will be held in English and the event will be recorded.   Due to technical reasons, the confirmation email you will receive will be in German however.  

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