Tokenise Europe 2025: Initiative aims to drive tokenisation

19 January 2023
The importance of tokenisation for Europe – the issuance of a digital representation of a real asset in the form of a token on a distributed ledger infrastructure – is generally underestimated. [ more ... ]

Open Finance Framework: focus on financial data creates imbalance

10 May 2022
Tobias Tenner, Head of Digitalisation, emphasizes the necessary balance between all involved parties. [ more ... ]

Digital euro must strengthen Europe’s sovereignty and that of the private sector

6 April 2022
The European Commission launched its consultation on the digital euro. In a statement about the consultation, Tobias Tenner, Head of Digitalisation, emphasises the importance of a commercial bank money token. [ more ... ]

Economic forecast: war in Ukraine will leave significant scars on the German economy

23 March 2022
The economic outlook by the chief economists of Germany’s private banks is subject to considerable uncertainty this spring. [ more ... ]

Krautscheid: ECB plans to press ahead with digital euro

20 December 2021
“We very much welcome the ECB’s decision to press ahead with its plans for a digital euro,” said Andreas Krautscheid, Chief Executive of the Association of German Banks. [ more ... ]

Christian Ossig on the implementation of Basel IV

20 December 2021
The European Commission’s proposals for implementing the Basel rules are a step in the right direction. But they do not yet go far enough. Europe is different. It is good that the Commission has decided to take into account European … [ more ... ]

German private banks adopt extensive reform of deposit protection

20 December 2021
This means protection limits will be geared to the needs of depositors. For 98 percent of retail savers, nothing will change – their deposits will continue to be fully protected. [ more ... ]

Andreas Krautscheid on the result of the Bundestag election and its implications for Europe

28 September 2021
”Time is nevertheless of the essence: what we need as quickly as possible is an alliance to tackle the challenges of the future”, said Andreas Krautscheid, Chief Executive of the Association of German Banks. [ more ... ]

Social and human rights aspects of sustainability – a matter for banks!

20 August 2021
But of the three letters “E-S-G”, which are now commonly used as an acronym for environmental, social and governance aspects of sustainability, the “S” is becoming increasingly important too. What does this mean for banks? [ more ... ]

Top Business Associations Establish Transatlantic Business Initiative (TBI)

16 June 2021
Through the TBI, German business seeks to inject new momentum into transatlantic relations, building on  trade and economic policy support from Berlin and Brussels. [ more ... ]

Statement on the EU Commission's proposal on AI regulations

8 June 2021
The European Commission today unveiled a proposal for a regulation on a European approach to artificial intelligence (AI). [ more ... ]

Krautscheid on the proposal for a Digital Identity Framework

3 June 2021
The European Commission today published its proposal for a Digital Identity Framework. [ more ... ]

Comments of the Association of German Banks on the new capital markets union action plan

12 May 2021
The Association of German Banks has warmly welcomed the capital markets union project from the outset. This paper sets out our comments on most of the measures announced in the action plan. [ more ... ]

Same services, same risks, same rules - six principles for improving customer protection, competitive equality and financial stability

10 May 2021
Payment and financial services are currently undergoing an extensive process of digital transformation. We have identified six principles which will help to realise these economic and societal benefits. [ more ... ]

Guidelines on certain aspects of the MiFID II appropriateness and execution-only requirements

29 April 2021
At the End of January 2021 the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) published draft Guidelines on certain aspects of the MiFID II appropriateness and execution-only requirements and opened a consultation process. [ more ... ]

Cooperation Agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom

28 April 2021
The planned memorandum of understanding must be finalised and published. Further delay would be grossly negligent,” said Andreas Krautscheid, Chief Executive of the Association of German Banks. [ more ... ]

GBIC comments on the consultation on the 2021 ex-ante SRF contributions calculation

20 April 2021
According to the German Banking Industry Committee (GBIC), the calculation procedure for the ex-ante contributions to the Single Resolution Fund still lacks transparency. [ more ... ]

Ensure digital sovereignty: Association of German Banks calls for the introduction of a programmable euro

13 April 2021
In its third position paper the association underlines the rapidly growing demand for a programmable euro and recommends that Europe launch initiatives of its own. [ more ... ]

Use German EU Council Presidency to give Europe a fresh start

13 April 2021
The German private banks believe Germany should use its Presidency of the EU Council to give Europe a fresh start. [ more ... ]

Martin Zielke hands over the office of President of the Association of German Banks to Hans-Walter Peters

13 April 2021
Against the backdrop of his resignation as Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors of Commerzbank AG, Martin Zielke is also stepping down as President of the Association of German Banks. [ more ... ]

Sustainable finance: banks play a key role in the fight against climate change

13 April 2021
In the association’s latest position paper, Germany’s private banks argue for more sustainability in the economy and, in particular, for more climate protection. [ more ... ]

Association of German Banks welcomes plans for capital markets union

13 April 2021
The European Commission has today unveiled its action plan for creating capital markets union. The aim of the plan is to strengthen and expand European capital markets. “An efficient, single capital market is more urgently needed than ever,” said Christian … [ more ... ]

Banking association President Hans-Walter Peters on the US election

13 April 2021
“The international community looks to the US with concern. Unfortunately, the elections have yet to produce a clear result. We sincerely hope that we will soon have clarity and that the new administration will quickly be able to start work … [ more ... ]

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